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Whenever I think poke bar, bright neon colors and over grown love ferns come to mind. Last week I was pleasantly surprised when I [completely by accident] came across The Poke Co. on Loop street. Being one of the new kids on the block, with neighbors such as The Botanical Bar and Marrow, I had to pop in and see what it was all about.

What struck me immediately when I entered, was how fresh and peaceful it felt. As I started moving through the space, my eye picked up all the elements that evoked these feelings, like the choice of ocean blue/green and pink offset against a white back rest. Other design features that amplified this was the selection of plain white chairs and a coarse patterned mosaic against the bar counter, but most of all, the focal point - a water colour wallpaper by Pamela Potgieter.

Using food as an extension of design is always a great idea to add additional colour and texture to the space. It also allows the user to see how fresh the ingredients are and how a meal gets prepared. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but just next to the cash register this beautiful arrangements of noodles, nuts and flakes were positioned. Together with the bamboo chopsticks, it created an image that not only enhanced the interior design strategy, but also tickled my taste-buds.

The restaurant dining space, like many other Loop Street restaurants, are arranged along an axis. The tables are aligned with a white nautical timber bench covered with velvet seating and decorated with throw pillows from Admore and Mavromac.

Apart from the controlled colour palate that lends the space its soft and tranquil ambiance, the designers have strategically placed green elements like eucalyptus leaves [with a refreshing aroma]in beautiful

patterned vases and succulents that burst with bright green leaves.

Breaking away from the more formal dining area, The Poké Co. also has an small dining nook to the left of the brass handled entrance door and 2 beautiful bay windows with benches overlooking the the street activity. The lounge space is well proportioned for more intimate dining experiences and is well rounded off with similar steel and timber work as the rest of the space, and anchored by a Jasper Eales Original bookshelf.

The designers have made sure to keep the design composed, but what I really enjoy are the quirky illustrations of sea-creatures and wooden animals. In very strategic places [like next to the menu boards or on the shelves above the benches, stylized flamingos and pirate themed 'goggas' add a bit of fun and become conversation pieces as you try to find another.

Although it's within poke restaurant culture to strip the interior of excessive decor elements and rely on minimal design features [like the over-sized fishing basket lamp shades by Willard Musarurwa], very few succeed to create a balance between the quiet and the empty. This is exactly why the Poke Co. stands out. Owner Andrew Flanagan and designer Jenine Emma from Lacuna Spaces have managed to focus on selected quality designer items to make an impact and work coherently, rather than trying to fluff something together with what often seems like a thrift shop rescue mission.

If you would like to have an authentic poké experience, visit them on 90 Loop Street. They are open daily from 11.00am to 09.30pm


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