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Vintage clothes have always been synonymous with Cape Town fashion.

When thinking of all the creatives this city has produced and the waves of the hipster movement, it's not difficult to see why seasonal trends have emerged and why everyone wants a piece of pre-owned. In this post, we've collaborated with Nevernew Store. They are located in the vibrant Observatory and explored with us, the latest winter vintage trends.

Yes... turtle necks

Art director: Jan Ernst de Wet

I'll be honest, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about turtlenecks is an image of Steve Jobs holding up the latest Apple device. It was extremely popular during the 60's and ever since US winter 2017, it's been making a huge comeback! Think of The Beatles dressed in all black or Jacky O' getting out of the president's car, for some reason turtlenecks attract quite a popular crowd. Although turtlenecks are traditionally worn tight fit, we are also seeing this formal garment loosening up a little and paired with other textures, like denim. In the mid 90's it briefly made a comeback, worn by celebs like Justin Timberlake and Celine Dion but it wasn't long before space jackets and cargo pants took the limelight.

Layering bold colours

Photographer: Jan Ernst de Wet

Art director: Jan Ernst de Wet

Winter palettes, for most of us, are very neutral, with shades of black and grey dominating our cupboards. It's easy to wear and mix with different textures or accents of colour. However, be prepared to shake things up this winter by mixing very bold colours. The best way to do this is to plan your layering. Don't be afraid to set off primary colours like yellow, red and blue in the same outfit. We sometimes joke about the "tannie-pakkie" syndrome, where it looks as if it was designed to fit perfectly together. Well, this is exactly the opposite. You can easily achieve this by assigning different colours to different pieces of clothing and then overlaying it. Remember, there is no right or wrong, but wear it with confidence and let the colours be a reflection of your personality. 

Mixing patterns

Photographer: Aldrin Klaase

Art director: Jan Ernst de Wet

Mixing patterns can just be as fun as mixing bright and bold colours. When we think of wearing patterned items, we usually want to set it off against a plain or neutral piece to ensure the focus is on that specific item. What we've been noticing is how fashion icons pair stripes and polka dots, or floral with floral. This approach takes a little more skill. Your outfit will either feel right or not, but like all vintage statement pieces - it's supposed to look effortless, so don't overthink it. In the above image, we found this lively floral shirt in shades of pink, blue and beige. The jacket that we paired it with has geometric patterns which are very contrasting to the organic shapes. What makes this outfit work, is the colour palette, as similar tones are present in both pieces of clothing. 

Cropped trousers 

This is perhaps one of my favourite trends at the moment, vintage or not. The cropped trousers are a lot of fun and while some may argue that it makes you look shorter than you really are, it also allows you to pair sporty shoes with pants that you wouldn't necessarily, because of the break in between.

Wear it over-sized

Photographer: Jan Ernst de Wet

Art director: Jan Ernst de Wet

Winter is that time of the year where anything over-sized is acceptable, well, kind of. The key to this is to decide on one or two pieces and balance it with something slightly more tailored. You also don't want to look like a scarecrow. In the above image, we paired this over-sized wool jacket with skinny jeans and leather shoes. Because both the pants and jacket are plain, we introduced a pop of colour with the bright orange corduroy shirt. This is another vintage item that's making a huge comeback. However, forget about the baggy wide spaced corduroy pants your mother made you wear to church, and stick with a striking shirt. 

There are many reasons we love vintage clothes, but my favourite, by far, is the affordability. It depends on the quality and the uniqueness but prices suit almost all budgets.

To see what's in store, visit them on the following social media links:




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